Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor by Richard W. Langer


Nothing is as inspiring as nosing through a cookbook. Many of these books have excellent and expensive photographs in them that make your mouth water. The book ‘Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor’ has no images whatsoever.

The best conclusion if you see a cookbook with no images is the following. If a publisher dares to bring a cookbook on the market without images – he must think it is good enough without. And that alone is a reason to examine those books further.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor by Richard W. Langer

At first Richard starts with explaining how he came to love grilling with smoke. He talks the reader through different types of smokers and gas-grills. From there he moves on to the use of the different devices and ends up with the types of wood used for smoking. He explains everything in a way that even somebody who has never  even seen a grill can understand what he is talking about.

Time to go cooking – The recipes from Richard W. Langer

He starts his recipes with mouthwatering ribs and guides the reader through pork, fish, and vegetables.  Along the way he weaves in the techniques required to make your grilling with smoke a success. A lovely book with all the traditional recipes as well as all the knowledge that every beginner needs to become a real addicted pit master.

Anyone who uses an outdoor grill the way most of us do – to cook food quickly at high heat – is failing to realize the flavorful advantages of smoke cooking. As Richard Langer puts it, “Low heat, a long time, and lots of smoke — those are the keys to a good barbecue”.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor
224 pages

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Will Frost

Will Frost

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